The Patrons of Bath Postal Museum




Marquess of Bath 



7th Marquess of Bath

The 6th Marquess of Bath was a collector of diverse items including stamps connected with Sir Winston Churchill and Adolph Hitler. Lord Bath became a friend of this museum in its early days and was happy to use his name to raise funds for the museum. Following his death his son Alexander the 7th Marquess was pleased to follow in his late father's footsteps.


 Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett originally visited the museum to carry out some research on his novel "Going Postal". The idea of including special 'Discworld' stamps created a closer friendship. The first of these were perforated on the museum's Victorian machine which was recorded on television. Since becoming a patron, Sir Terry has continued to be supportive and lend his name to assist fund raising. He has written the foreword to a museum monograph. 


 Richard Briers and Audrey Swindells

Richard Briers, CBE (1934-2013)

The celebrated actor seen here with Audrey Swindells MBE at the 2006 museum opening. The late Richard Briers was a keen supporter of the museum since its early days as he was an active stamp collector. He recorded the spoken commentary for our DVD presentation "The History of Writing". His presence at all notable events considerably assisted in publicising the museum. He will be sorely missed by all. 





Tim Hirsch is a senior member of this old established London auctioneers who have given generously to the museum over the years.



British Philatelic Trust

The trustees of the British Philatelic Trust have been supportive from 1960 onwards. They have been particularly supportive of late, both with helpful advice and financially. We would find it difficult to achieve projects without their support.


 Elaine schofiled

Elaine Schofield

Elaine Schofield (on left) was present at the opening of our current museum in 2006. fell in love with our old museum when visiting from the USA. She was shocked when we had to leave the old premises and made a generous contribution. Colin Henderson (lately H.M. the Queen's Head Coachman) is talking to her.



H. Frank Deakin, MA

Frank Deakin was a friend and then an active trustee of the museum giving generous donations to various projects. Since becoming a Patron his health has suffered and he doesn't get to Bath from his home in Devon, but is still very interested in our progress.